Napp Nazworth

Christian Post Reporter

Will Children of Gay Parents Sway the Supreme Court on Gay Marriage?

Justice Anthony Kennedy, the likely swing vote in the U.S. Supreme Court's upcoming gay marriage decision, appeared to place a high value in how the Court will affect the children of gay parents. Some of those children are now telling Kennedy and the Court that redefining marriage to include same-sex couples is harmful for children.

Is Obama Waging War on Stay-at-Home Moms?

A tax proposal in President Barack Obama's State of the Union address led to a pundit debate over whether government does, or should, give preference to stay-at-home versus work-outside-home parents. The debate itself is a helpful illustration of the different views conservatives and liberals hold about government.

3 Reasons Obama Did Not Attend Paris Solidarity Rally

While President Barack Obama was criticized for not attending Sunday's solidarity rally in Paris in support of a satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, that was attacked by Islamic terrorists, the White House has cited three reasons Obama's attendance was unworkable.

Top 10 Politics Stories of 2014

Religious freedom, gay marriage, abortion, common core, immigration, "Obamacare," and the midterm elections led much of The Christian Post's politics coverage in 2014. Here, ranked by CP editors, are the top 10 Christian Post politics stories of the year.