Ruth Malhotra

CP Op-Ed Contributor

Happy Birthday, Dr. Stanley: Why I'm Thankful For My Pastor

In that moment I was reminded of how First Baptist Atlanta has been more than just my church for the past 30 years. It is indeed my family. And Dr. Stanley has been more than just the pastor. He has been my pastor. Today, as he turns 82 years old, Dr. Stanley remains like a grandfather in the faith to me and countless others who have been personally shaped by his ministry over the years.

The Gift of Reality: A Mother's Day Reflection

Over the years my mom has taught me countless lessons, and I could talk endlessly about her impact on my life spiritually and scholastically and everything in between… she has modeled what it means to cultivate generosity, to embrace academic discipline, and to develop a biblical worldview, to name just a few of the ways her example has inspired my trajectory.

Joy to the World: A Christmas Reflection on Darkness and Light

The auditorium was filled to capacity, the stage was set with brightly colored lights and creative props, and the music was loud and animated – all typical aspects of a contemporary worship service, yet features that still catch my attention on occasion as someone raised in a more traditional church environment.

The Day I Grew Up: A Reflection On Faith and Family

Twenty-three years ago today, I was a young child sitting in church when my mom suddenly told me to call an usher. Here is what happened the day I almost lost my mom and brother… and how that traumatic experience still impacts my perspective and priorities.

Why Siblings Are Worth Celebrating

Did you realize that Wednesday, April 10, was "National Siblings Day?" Chances are you haven't heard much about the occasion because it is not widely recognized, although it should be!

Hosanna in Hindustan: A Palm Sunday Reflection

It was a warm spring weekend in March 2010, and I was in the middle of an adventurous trip to rural east India. I decided to visit a local church in Ranchi, Jharkhand that Sunday, but was told that there probably wouldn't be many people gathering in the morning and it might not be safe to venture out alone.

With Jesus, Pope's Seat is Never Vacant

Religion rarely dominates global news headlines, but Pope Benedict's resignation has proven a notable exception. The mainstream media, usually reluctant to focus on matters of faith, is watching and reporting with fascination as the Catholic Church faces a historic and unprecedented transition. Thursday's coverage was particularly striking, as commentators repeatedly stated – in tones ranging from intense anguish to intellectual curiosity – that "the papacy is vacant" and "the seat of Saint Peter is empty" and "the church around the world is without a leader."