Samuel Smith

CP Reporter

Should Movies Showing People Smoking Be Rated-R?

A Center for Disease Control report released this month has renewed pressure on the Motion Picture Association of America to change its film rating system so that movies with smoking or tobacco use be given an R rating. However, one family media watchdog has warned against such a change.

Benham Bros. Wanted to Use HGTV Show to Make 'Disciples of the Nation'

Popular conservative Christian real estate entrepreneurs the Benham Brothers recalled Saturday how they almost promised HGTV that they would keep quiet about their Christian beliefs on political issues in an attempt save their now-canceled reality television show that they wanted to use to make "disciples of the nation."

House Rejects Ban on Transgender Surgery for Troops

Leading conservative Christian activists are voicing their disapproval with the Republican-led House of Representatives after 24 GOP lawmakers voted against and helped sink an effort to bar federal tax dollars from being used to fund gender reassignment procedures for military service members.