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10 Most Dangerous Places in the World to Be a Christian

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January 8, 2014|11:29 pm
North Korea DMZ

Open Doors USA, an organization that tracks Christian persecution, released its "2014 World Watch List" to reveal the world's most dangerous countries for Christians.

This graphic reveals the top 10 countries; all nations where Christians face threats, discrimination, kidnapping, violence and death from the government or extremist groups.

World Watch List (Graphic: Open Doors USA)

You can view all 50 countries on the World Watch List here.

Here's more information on the five most dangerous places in the world for followers of Jesus.


  • Illegal to be a Christian or take part in any Christian activity
  • Three generations of a family may be imprisoned for one member owning a Bible
  • Estimated 70,000 Christians held in prison labor camps


  • Christianity associated with oppression from European colonial powers
  • Suggested death penalty for being a Christian
  • Anti-Christian violence inflicted by militant groups who operate freely in the absence of an effective government


  • Tens of thousands of Christians displaced by threats and violence
  • City of Homs nearly cleared of 50-60,000 Christians
  • Many churches bombed


  • Christians increasingly persecuted since First Gulf War in 1990
  • Surge in kidnappings, threats and murders after Second Gulf War in 2003
  • Christian population at 25% of 1990 level


  • Government threatens death penalty to converts from Islam
  • Christians number 1,200 in entire country
  • No church buildings

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