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Bottlenose Dolphin Comes to Diver for Help - See the Heartwarming Underwater Rescue (VIDEO)

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March 11, 2014|11:15 pm

Dolphin Rescue (Screenshot: Keller Laros/YouTube)

While out on a dive to watch manta rays, scuba instructor and underwater videographer Keller Laros was approached for help by a unique individual in need: a bottlenose dolphin.

While manta rays drift by, the dolphin comes onto the scene and hangs around. Laros, an experienced rescuer of rays and dolphins, notices a fishing hook and line in the sea mammal's fin.

Laros waves the visitor over, and the intelligent dolphin follows suit. It patiently floats around the diver as he works to remove the hook and line. Even when Laros has to use scissors, the animal calmly lets the diver do his work.

Once free, the dolphin swims away with a free fin and one impressive interaction with humans under its proverbial belt.



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