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Creationist Presents the Banana as 'The Atheist's Nightmare' to Prove Intelligent Design (VIDEO)

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February 10, 2014|8:09 pm

Ray Comfort - banana (Screenshot:Daniel Headrick/YouTube)

In this video, evangelist Ray Comfort introduces what he calls "The Atheist's Nightmare," the banana that we all know and love. He argues that the form of the fruit, conveniently sized for human in an easy-to-open package, is proof that it was created by God for human consumption. This segment is from a 2003 episode of "The Way of the Master," a television series that Comfort produces with Christian actor Kirk Cameron, who also stars in the video.

In response to criticism after this video went viral, Comfort said that atheists had maliciously omitted his related argument that the spontaneous evolution of the world is as unlikely as that of a Coca-Cola can. To address that concern, the Coke can argument is included, too.

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