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See How This Mom Did the Unthinkable When Their SUV Started Rolling Toward a Cliff (VIDEO)

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May 13, 2014|4:01 pm
Joy Veron (Screenshot: Chloe Veron/YouTube)

In this video for Mother's Day 2012, Annie and Chloe Veron tell the unforgettable story of how, in one sudden moment, their mother Joy nearly sacrificed everything to save their lives.

During a trip to the mountains of Colorado in 1999, Joy and her husband Christophe were at a cabin with her parents. After Annie, Chloe and their brother Elliot climbed into the Chevy Suburban to leave for a swimming trip, the SUV slipped out gear and started rolling toward a cliff.

Joy sprung into action, and she would never walk again as a result. However, she would "do it all over again if given the choice." That's the kind of mother she is, and this tribute shows how well her children know it.


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