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The Skit Guys Present the Story of Jesus' Love Like You've Never Seen (VIDEO)

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April 22, 2014|2:24 pm

The Skit Guys (Screenshot: The Skit Guys)

In their video "The Birdcage," The Skit Guys portray the love of Jesus with an imagined negotiation between Christ and the devil over the fate of mankind.

To open the skit, we see a boy with a cage of wild birds ready to do with him as he pleases, even killing them when they've served his purposes. A man intervenes and buys them off the boy.

In a mirroring scene, we see Jesus and Satan tangling over the fate of the new occupants of the cage, all of humanity. As we know, the price to save humanity is much greater than we'll ever realize on this mortal plane, and, as we are so thankful for, Christ pays it without a second thought.


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