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This Guy Was Getting a Demon Cast Out - You Won't Believe What Interrupted Him! (VIDEO)

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May 9, 2014|1:07 pm

anointing (Screenshot: WorldsMediaTV/YouTube)

This pastor in Africa is proclaiming the power to cast out demons in the name of Jesus when he brings up a fellow in green. He places his hand on the congregant's head and prays to cast out "any demon tormenting his life."

The man starts to wail and spin, and then falls to the ground. But as the spiritual battle reaches a turning point with slaps and screams, it crashes back to everyday reality.

The man stops, reaches into his pocket and answers a ringing cell phone. He tells the caller what's going on, but when the point doesn't come across, he yells into the phone, "I said I'm under anointing, can't you understand? I'll call you! Bye-bye."

The man then hangs up and tells the pastor to continue. However, the church leader isn't happy about the interruption.

"Continue for what? ... Do you know how many demons I have cast out in my life?" the pastor screams. Shooing the man away, he says, "Take your demon!"

It's just another reminder to switch your phone to silent before church.

H/T: Reddit


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