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Watch This Adorably Patient Pig Politely Share a Salad With Its Owner (VIDEO)

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April 22, 2014|11:30 am

Salad with pig (Screenshot: Michelle Statham/Facebook)

When I imagine having lunch with a pig, the picture that comes to mind isn't pretty. There's oinking, interrupting, sloppiness and a complete disregard for the table etiquette I learned in middle school. However, this pig is making me question my self-centered, mud-rolling stereotype of the animal.

In this 2013 video, Michelle Statham eats a salad while her pet pig sits nearby – watching, waiting. Without a prompt, Statham offers the pig a bit of salad, and he happily partakes.

He watches her continue to eat and doesn't say an oink, merely sitting quietly until the next morsel is offered. Would that all meal companions show such courtesy as this pig.


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