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Watch This Crying Baby Elephant Overcome Getting Stuck on a Log (VIDEO)

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April 28, 2014|12:41 pm
Crying baby elephant (Screenshot: JonandSophieTravel/YouTube)

At Chester Zoo in England, YouTubers JonandSophieTravel came upon a baby elephant in a little predicament. Well, it looks little to us, but it seemed to be tragic to the calf.

The pint-sized pachyderm had apparently climbed onto a log and didn't know how to get off of it. We can see tears running down its cheeks. (It seems that animals weeping from distress is actually a thing.) It steps to one side, but the logs starts to tip. The baby then tries backing up, but finds no safe footing.

Eventually, the calf turns the right way and steps to the flat, comforting ground. The audience around the world applauds.

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