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When Employee Is Diagnosed With Brain Tumor, Boss Decides to Sell Restaurant to Pay for Her Treatment (VIDEO)

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January 8, 2014|9:04 am
Michael De Beyer and Brittany Mathis (Photo: KHOU)

According to online reviews, the Kaiserhof Restaurant in Montgomery, Tex. is a well-liked German restaurant with authentic food and friendly service. But the restaurant may soon be best known for the generosity of its owner, Michael De Beyer.

In December, Kaiserhof employee Brittany Mathis discovered a rash on her leg and went to the hospital to get it treated. The 19-year-old is uninsured, so this trip represented a great burden for her and her mother, Barbara, who also works at the restaurant.

However, the bad news was yet to come.

"I went to the hospital and found out it was my blood clotting," Brittany told KHOU. "So, they wanted to keep me and do CAT scans and MRIs and the next day they came in and told me I had a tumor."

Brittany's brain tumor eerily mirrored her father John's, though his tumor was undiscovered until the day in 2000 when it ruptured and killed him.

Without insurance, the Mathises couldn't afford to even begin treatment. Michael De Beyer believed he had to act, so he decided to sell the 6,000 square foot restaurant and give the money to Brittany.

"Here's a family; they really work hard. They have a lot of stuff against them in the past, said De Beyer. "And they are not holding their hand open; they didn't even ask anybody for help."

He estimates the Kaiserhof Restaurant, with attached bar Wunderbar, to be worth as much as $2 million. De Beyer also says that selling the restaurant will let him spend more time with his wife and two children.

While everyone hopes for a quick sale, Brittany's condition is buoyed by this unexpected show of generosity.

"I really think it's an amazing blessing and can't thank him enough and his family," Brittany said. "Never thought that anybody would do that and he did and it makes me feel really good."

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