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YouTube 'Prank' Lets Homeless People Wake Up to a Christmas Morning (VIDEO)

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December 26, 2013|11:48 pm

Roman Atwood Christmas Pranks (Photo: YouTube Screenshot/Roman Atwood)

Search for 'pranks' on YouTube and you'll find an array of videos that range from mean-spirited to downright criminal. But this new video from popular YouTube prankster Roman Atwood is something we can get behind.

In "Christmas With Pranksters," Atwood and an accomplice give dozens of homeless people an unexpected Christmas morning. In front of a shelter, they put up a tree with gifts that included socks, gloves, sweaters, scarves and blankets, along with a spread of coffee and donuts for breakfast. While a couple of individuals sleep outdoors, they erect the same scene, giving them a surprise Christmas morning to wake to.

Watch this heartwarming video and SHARE it to keep the Christmas spirit of kindness going.


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