Pastor's Corner

Hitler Was Not a Christian

Matt Barber

Yes, there have been evil men who have done evil things in the name of false Christianity. To a limited degree, Adolf Hitler was one such man. Still, and as even he frequently admitted outside the public eye, he was no Christian.

Jesus Is Transgender?

Diogo Morgado, The Bible Series

When the Civil Rights Movement gained momentum in the 1960s, Christian ministers were forced to confront ugly, twisted misinterpretations of the Bible that categorized black Americans as something "other" than fully human and inferior to whites.

Turning to God Turns the Tide

dan delzell opinion page

Our life on earth often gets caught up in waves. Sometimes we ride along on waves of joy. At other times we experience waves of temptation. And still other times involve waves of doubt and confusion. But through it all, there is One we can turn to who is able to turn the tide.

Living a Life of No Compromise

Joyce Meyer

It's an honor for us to be chosen by God to be alive at this time on the earth. God has a great purpose for each of us, but if we're going to fulfill His plans and the "assignments" He's created us to accomplish, we have to make up our mind how we're going to live every day.

3 Major Crises Caused by Christianity?

Jerry Newcombe

After He rose from the dead, Jesus told His disciples that all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Him. Therefore, He commanded them to go and make disciples of all nations. In this sense, the idea of "Christian hegemony" gets back to Jesus Himself. After all, Christianity is Christ.

Church News

(Photo: Facebook/United Methodist General Conference)

UMC Regional Bodies Deny Breaking Rules by Accepting Openly Gay Clergy

Regional bodies of the United Methodist Church do not believe they are violating denominational rules on ordination by no longer questioning clergy candidates on matters of their sexual orientation or gender identity.