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Could Untouchables Uprising Be India's Rosa Parks Moment?

Joseph D\'Souza

For more than a month now the swell of the Dalit (sometimes called "untouchables") uprising has grown across India. Riots stir main streets and town centers; protesters clash with police; and a war of words has begun, with India's prime minister, Narendra Modi, locked in everyone's bull's eye.

Ben-Hur: The Incredible Story Behind the Movie

Ben Hur

A remake of Ben-Hur movie is about to hit the movie screens. What's fascinating to me is the story behind the book, which has also inspired two previous movies — the 1925 silent version and the 1959 movie-of-the-year, starring Charlton Heston. That version won 11 Oscars, more than any other movie before it and has only since been tied by Titanic (1997).

10 Things You Can Do While Waiting on the Lord

dan delzell opinion page

Last year my wife and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. And as Tammy and I enjoy the Lord's blessing upon our journey together, I also realize that the 7 years of persistent prayer before we met were just as crucial as the past 25 years of marriage.

The Restless Pursuit of Hope

June Hunt - Opinion page size

We tend to live sheltered lives, nestled in normalcy, protected in the cocoon of our comfort zone. We're inclined to go to the same places and do the same things … and we like it that way.

Church News

Liberty Bell
(Photo: Museum of the Bible)

Behind-the-Scene Tour of Museum of the Bible: 5,000 lb Genesis Bronze Door, Electronic Biblical Art Ceiling (Interview)

Museum President Cary Summers took The Christian Post behind the scenes on a hardhat tour through the 8-level construction zone last week, sharing the ongoing construction journey.