A Critical Eye on 'The Benedict Option'

Scholars and defenders of religious liberty are responding to a best-selling book that argues Christians should strategically and temporarily withdraw from politics, calling its implications "spiritually lazy."

Christian Refugees Find No Refuge

A Christian charity is pressuring the Greek government to change a policy that is preventing homeless Christian refugees who fled persecution, bullying and threats inside the Moria refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos from being able to apply for asylum and gain help via the United Nations

Should Movies Showing People Smoking Be Rated-R?

A Center for Disease Control report released this month has renewed pressure on the Motion Picture Association of America to change its film rating system so that movies with smoking or tobacco use be given an R rating. However, one family media watchdog has warned against such a change.

10 Family-Friendly Christian Movies Available on Netflix

As interest in Christian entertainment grows, mainstream internet television network Netflix is offering a range of movie options for families. From action to romance and everything in between, The Christian Post has rounded out a list of 10 family-friendly Christian movies you can watch this summer.

The Tale of Egypt's Coptic Martyrs

One of the survivors of the massacre of 29 Egyptian Christians in Minya in May said that the Islamic State extremists forced the women off the bus and ordered them to renounce their faith in Christ, but the Copts refused.

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