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Saturday, Oct 22, 2016

7 Amazing Supernatural Stories

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September 4, 2013|4:34 pm

1. A Muslim woman saw Jesus and visited Heaven

Khalida Wukawitz, a Palestinian Arab, prayed to see Jesus, the son of God. Jesus appeared to her and she visited Heaven afterwards.

2. A man was killed and spent 90 minutes in Heaven

Don Piper was killed instantly in a car accident but came back to life. He claims to have spent 90 minutes in Heaven. He is now a pastor and his story became a New York Times bestseller book.

3. Two angels helped a man who was crushed by 10,000 lbs truck

Bruce Van Natta, a mechanic by trade and Christian by faith, claims two angels helped him to survive.

4. Steel rod pierced man's head and he miraculously survived

Brazilian Christian Eduardo Leite claims God's hand saved him.

He left the hospital in almost perfect condition.

5. A 4-year-old boy described Heaven before he tragically died

Silas described Heaven saying he will get a new body, he won't be sick ever, the streets are gold and Jesus and God will be with him.

6. Former atheist went to Hell and lived to tell

Howard Storm, a former atheist professor died and came back to life. He had an out-of-body experience that took him to Hell. Now he is a pastor.

7. Angel caught on camera saving a man on a motorbike by teleporting him

An angel appears to be saving a man on a motorbike from complete destruction by teleporting him a few meters away.

The supposed supernatural being flees the scene as quickly as possible.

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