9/11 Remembrance Brings Out Evangelists

NEW YORK - The bells continue to toll as family members and significant others read the names of the thousands who were lost on this day five years ago. And among the tearful mourning from those reading names at ground zero were people shouting out "Jesus."

"Jesus is here today!" shouted an African American woman whose proclamations irked some and encouraged others. "We need Jesus!"

Along the fence surrounding the World Trade Center site, a local evangelist posted a painting of his own depicting Jesus Christ on the cross and the words "I did it all for you."

Testifying Jesus Christ to onlookers, Nicolas DiSibic said the painting was inspired by visions he received from God and was drawn by his friend.

Meanwhile, protestors are distributing resources to passerbys, saying 9/11 was an "inside" job and calling for an investigation.

By this time, both the South and North Towers collapsed and the Pentagon was immersed in smoke and President George Bush had called it a "national tragedy."

"Terrorism against our nation will not stand," Bush said in a public address in 2001.

Bush visited ground zero Sunday and paid tribute by laying a wreath in a pool of water to symbolize one of the lost towers.

Moments of silences were observed at 8:46, 9:03, 9:59 and 10:29 a.m. – the exact times the Twin Towers were struck and when they fell.