Adoption: A Young Mother's Choice

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By Rod Anderson , CP Cartoonist
December 18, 2013|8:06 am

Adoption: A Young Mother's Choice

 Two little pink lines on December 26th, Merry Christmas everyone. I'm a senior in high school and pregnant. My boyfriend and I immediately decided to parent the child. We were going to get married and be parents. . . Fast forward 2 weeks, we had broken up and I was back at home with my grandparents. What now? I know that I don't believe in abortion so we can eliminate that option. What else? My mom got pregnant with my oldest brother when she was 18 . . . 5 years and 3 kids later she and my dad were divorce and my brothers and I were being raised by my grandparents. So having actually walked in the shoes of a CHILD born before my parents were ready, I knew that was not the life I wanted for my child. So I ruled out parenting and was left with adoption.



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