Adult Role-Model is Key to Youth Growth

Many Christian parents know Bible reading to their kids early-on is important, but not all realize modeling devotion in daily life is essential too.

"Children get just as excited about the Bible as you get excited about the Bible, " said Jerry Vogel, who works with childhood ministry publishing at LifeWay Christian Resources. "This truth will only become a reality in the lives of the children around you if they see you using the Bible," he said.

According to LifeWay, an active adult-youth relationship is key to the growth of youth ministries as well.

“When youth see a relationship modeled, when they experience firsthand what God’s active presence in a life means, the youth are drawn to find their own relationship to God, and they can’t stay away.”

Paul and Madge Vosteen, members of Derbyshire Baptist Church in Richmond, Va. knew to share Scripture with their children beginning early on.

"We wanted to expose them to the Bible early on," Paul Vosteen said of his three children: Vaden, 11; Stryker-Ann, 8; and Wills, 4.

"If you don’t get them involved in reading Scripture at an early age, they will fill their minds with other things," they said.

After years of hearing and reading Bible stories, both Stryker-Ann and Vaden have accepted Jesus Christ into their lives.

They hope their youngest, Wills, will make the same decision one day.

"They will learn as much as you are willing to raise the bar," said Vosteen.