AFA 'Christmas' Boycott of Target Ends

A Christian family group ended its boycott on Target stores on Friday, even as other major retailers maintained policies excluding “Christmas” from their stores.

The American Family Association made its decision following a statement by the nationwide retailer that it would make ads more specific to the approaching holiday such as Christmas and Hanukkah.

“We are pleased to learn that Target has heard our concerns and decided to use Christmas in their advertising and marketing efforts. Since the company has responded positively, we see no need to continue the boycott,” said AFA Chairman Donald E. Wildmon in a released statement. According to AFA, over 700,000 people had signed an online petition to boycott the company.

Meanwhile Concerned Women for America presented a list of businesses honoring the “Reason for the Season,” the birth of Jesus. Among the retailers it said were excluding Christmas were Kmart, Home Depot, Kohl's, Radio Shack and Costco. One company that it noted changed since last year was Macy’s which now includes mentions of “Merry Christmas” in its stores and ads.

Robert Knight, director of the Culture & Family Institute at Concerned Women for America said that for Christian consumers, the use of phrases such as “happy holidays” or “holiday” is “grating and insulting.” He called it an act of “cultural cowardice and even an overt attack on Christmas and ultimately the Christian faith.”

“When something is clearly about Christmas itself, it is dishonest to ban the very mention of Christmas on the grounds that it might offend a handful of people," he said.

He added that surveys show that 96 percent of the population celebrates Christmas.

“We are very encouraged that some major retailers like Macy’s are starting to get it and hope that more will join them.”