American Christians Launch Christmas Prayer for Troops

Christian leaders and fellow believers across the nation will remember American troops during the Christmas season and join in two days of prayer for them this weekend.

The call for prayer is part of the initiative called Pray for America which recognizes the need to pray for the U.S. military and America. Christians nationwide from Dec. 22 to 23 will join in spiritual petition for the many men and women in uniform unable to reunite and celebrate Christmas with their families as they serve abroad.

"The thought of continued sacrifice from our military should lead us to prayer," said Dr. Thomas S. Fortson, president of Promise Keepers, a Christian ministry for men. "We have so much to be thankful for in America including the faithful service of our men and women in uniform."

Three prayer points are being emphasized during the two days:

• Pray for our soldiers and sailors now serving throughout the world and for the recovery of those wounded in battle in Iraq and Afghanistan
• Pray for an awareness of Christ in the lives of our military
• Pray for our military families dealing with the separation of their loved ones and for those whose loved ones have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

"Our intent is not to discuss whether America should be for or against this war (Iraq)," said the Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, Jr., president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC).

The NHCLC is the Hispanic sister arm of the National Association of Evangelicals and claims to represent some 15 million evangelical/born again Christians and 18,000 churches.

"This is not the time for political debate," Rodriguez continued. "We simply believe if we are all praying for the same thing at the same time, with pure motives, God will hear and answer our prayers,"

Pray for America was founded in 2007 with the sole purpose of emphasizing the power of prayer as the answer to world events and everyday life.