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Tuesday, Oct 25, 2016

'Anonymous' Hackers Arrested in Spain; Can Sony, MasterCard Finally Breathe?

By Simon Saavedra , Christian Post Correspondent
June 11, 2011|12:55 pm

Large corporates such as PlayStation’s Sony and credit card giant MasterCard, which were thrown into frenzy after their servers were allegedly hacked, may have a good reason to scout the Spanish police officers responsible for tracking and finally capturing three alleged perpetrators.

According to the Spanish police, the three individuals arrested Friday are suspects to the group Anonymous who carried out the widely-known hacking of Sony’s PlayStation Network as well as government institutions and other renowned businesses including Spain’s second largest bank, BBVA.

The identities of the three suspects are yet to be released by the Spanish police who claimed to have also apprehended a server the hackers used to coordinate and execute the attacks, a device that can play out as solid evidence, according to the BBC.

The Spanish authorities, in coordination with the provincial police, stated that the members were captured in the cities of Almeria, Barcelona, and Valencia and that the captured were the representatives of the Anonymous group’s leadership in the country.

Do these arrests signal any significant decrease to hacking threats around the world?

Although arresting hackers may prove to intimidate and discourage further similar activities among other parties, in the particular case of Anonymous, these three arrested individuals could be regarded as “minors” in an organization that has spun its network around the world.

According to Bloomberg, John D’Arcy, IT assistant professor in the University of Notre Dame, stated that “the arrests would have ‘little impact’ in abating Anonymous’ activities because many of the accused hackers are minors and [Anonymous] is widely dispersed geographically.”

Anonymous gained notoriety last December after attempting to hack EBay’s Paypal unit, Visa Inc. and other companies considered hostile to WikiLeaks, a confidential file-sharing organization.

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