Anti-Conversion law not misused, says the Archbishop of the Madurai Diocese

Madurai, India., Nov 15 - The Christian community still opposes the anti-conversion law though it has so far not been used to trouble the minorities, the archbishop of the Madurai diocese, Rev Peter Fernando, said today.

Anti-Conversion law not misused, says the ArchbishArchbishop of Madurai Diocese: Rev. Peter Fernando

He told journalists here that Catholics also had not violated the regulations and norms for conversions.

"There have been no mass conversions and we follow the rules of the government strictly," he said. "We apprehended that harassments would be there. There is no harassment nor did we violate the law," he added.
He hoped that the law would be scrapped once the government understands that there were no "forced conversions or mass conversions".

He said Christians considered service to humanity nobler than service to God.

While service to humanity is mentioned in 50 places in Bible by Jesus, service to God is mentioned only in five places, he pointed out.

The Madurai diocese also held a function to celebrate the beatification of Mother Teresa last month.

The function was attended by leaders from Hindu and Muslim communities also, diocese sources said.