Apologetics Conference Discusses Faith and Science as Allies, Not Enemies

A Christian conference in Hawaii seeks to scientifically prove that God exists.

"Cosmic Fingerprints: Evidence of Design” – which began yesterday in Kauai, Hawaii – teaches participants up-to-the-minute discoveries in the sciences and how they harmonize with the Bible.

Dr. Hugh Ross and a scholar team from the apologetics ministry Reasons To Believe (RTB) challenges atheists and agnostics to reconsider their worldview.

"Skeptics will find answers to those questions that bar them from being interested in the message of Christianity, and believers will be encouraged by the mounting evidence that points to the God of the Bible," states the program, which can be found on the Web site.

Founded in 1986, RTB is an international apologetics ministry that communicates the factual basis for believing in the Bible as the error-free Word of God, and Jesus as the Savior of the world.

RTB is one of many expanding apologetics ministries that lead people to Christ and disciple believers through revealing that the Bible is compatible with science. The founder, Dr. Hugh Ross, is on the frontiers of making a biblical and scientific case against Darwin's evolution theory for nearly two decades. RTB believes that God miraculously intervened in the universe millions, even billions, of times to create each and every species.

Topics at this weekend’s conference include "Who was Adam?" (Dr. Fuz Rana), "Noah's Flood: Global or Universal?" (Krista Bontrager), and "Big Bang: Expanding Proofs" (Dr. Hugh Ross). The conference extends to Sunday, when speakers will talk at various local churches, and Monday, when participants will be invited to a nature hike with Ross.

The ministry will hold conference each week across America and the world. Next weekend, RTB will visit Upland, Calif., and in November, RTB will hit Vancouver, the Seattle area, and Lakeland, Fla.