Before Heading to Iraq, Soldiers Pray

A prayer breakfast was held recently at the army post in Fort Carson, Co. Roughly 30 soldiers attended the prayer-gathering and heard the gospel. As soldiers are being deployed to Iraq, military chaplains on army bases are currently presenting the gospel to the enlisted to help them prepare spiritually.

At 8 a.m. on Apr. 28, Chaplain Lucido opened the breakfast with a prayer. This was followed immediately by a sergeant leading worship on a guitar - sharing a songs that he had written. Afterwards, the soldiers listened to a gospel message shared by Dan Cartwright, a retired Sergeant Major.

Speaking from his own experiences in Iraq, Cartwright encouraged the young soldiers by emphasizing the importance of prayer and devotion to God. He attributed his safe return to prayer.

"All the prayers that happened while I was over there, prayers that were offered from home... I felt that prayer had a lot to do with the fact that I returned home safely," Cartwright later told the Christian Post.

According to Cartwright, prayers and other faith-based activities are usual around the time of the National Day of Prayer, which will take place this year on May 5th.
Sharing his conviction in prayer led him to talk about "the most important prayer that anyone could pray" - the prayer to accept the gospel.

This dicussion of prayer allowed for a smooth transition into a brief but comprehensive presentation of the gospel, including original sin, salvation, and a personal relationship with God. The response was favorable, Cartwright later said.

"When I was speaking - you could tell when you look in people's eyes - that the response was favorable. No one came up afterwards to express any specific need, but I knew that some were excited because they knew they had a relationship with God. Others were pensive, and others definitely confronted their own lives with God, and they were praying by themselves," Cartwright said.

Thanks to the positive feedback from the prayer breakfast, soldiers now have the option to attend Bible studies held in their barracks before deploying to Iraq this fall.

Dan Cartwright is a local representative of the Christian Military Fellowship. Their website is The local representatives of the fellowship support local military chapels and civilian church ministries, and are involved in teaching and leading. Local representatives on active duty are frequently transferred from one base to another - becoming ambassadors engaged in ‘building’ the Kingdom wherever they serve.