Best-Selling Series Features New Worship Songbook

Worship Together is now featuring a new songbook, entitled "Forever," from its best-selling title series.

With the title based on a church favorite worship song, the book consists of 20 emerging songs that are complete with sheet music, chord charts, overhead masters, and a CD demonstrating a verse and a chorus which allows for quick and easy song review.

This songbook is a must-have resource for your worship library, states Worship Together.

Song Listing:
1. Be Lifted Up
2. Be Near
3. Devotion
4. Forever
5. Glory
6. God Of Nations
7. Healing Rain
8. Holy, Holy
9. I Want The Joy
10. In The Cross Alone I Glory
11. King Of Glory
12. Much Of You
13. Strong Tower
14. Stronger Than The Storm
15. The Beauty Of Simplicity
16. The Only One
17. There Is A Higher Throne
18. Who Am I
19. Whole World In His Hands
20. Yahweh