BGEA Supports U.S. Troops

Family and friends can request the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association to send care packets of Biblical products to their sons and husbands, serving in the military overseas. Already, 2000 military servicemen will receive packages. The campaign ends in September.

Operation Bless Our Troops has been sending packages containing “Now and Always: Songs of Hope and Praise” on CD and the feature movie “Last Flight Out” on DVD, as well as “Steps to Peace with God” and a word of encouragement from Franklin Graham to show their appreciation to US servicemen.

“We’re proud of our troops serving around the world. We pray for them, and of course, we're grateful for them,” says Franklin Graham, president and CEO of BGEA.

BGEA is one of many ministries that are displaying their support for the troops through tangible benefits. Two weeks ago, the nation's largest men's ministry, Promise Keepers, announced a discount for off-duty GI's to attend its popular conferences.

According to the recent poll conducted by Public Agenda, people who frequently attend worship services have a great tendency to support of U.S. foreign policy, including the war on terror. In contrast, Americans who never go to church are far more likely to think that the war is ruining international relations and wasting too much money.

Associated Press, Public Agenda's Michael Remaley says that the poll shows "evangelical Christians' greater tendency to view the world in terms of good and evil, and their support for President Bush."

For Operation Bless Our Troops, people are invited to request that their military friends and family members be sent packets of materials.

To request that a package be sent to a soldier as part of Operation Bless Our Troops, please visit, or call the BGEA at 1-877-2GRAHAM. Those who do not have a friend or family member currently stationed overseas can assist with outreach to the troops by a gift of $10 or more.