Blaming Homosexuals and Running from Public Schools

One of the greatest fears some evangelical Christians hold in contemporary society is homosexuality, and more specifically, the acceptance of homosexuality in public schools.

This worry is at the heart of home-school resolutions pending in several conservative denominations, including the Southern Baptist Convention, where parents are being urged to remove their children from secular educational institutions.

One of the resolutions being considered lists nearly a dozen ways the homosexual lobby is working to penetrate the public school system and calls on Baptist churches to remove their children from schools that “treat homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle” or have “one or more homosexual clubs.”

As Christians, we should view homosexuality as a sin. But homosexuality, like violence, adultery and promiscuity, is a symptom and consequence of larger societal failures within the families and schools.

Wanting to remove children from our public schools is understandable, if it is to protect their impressionable eyes, ears and minds from that fallen culture- including the one that strives to normalize the homosexual lifestyle.

If certain public schools do promote such a lifestyle, and children are too young to understand it, parents should be given the choice - without being ostracized - to educate them at home.

However, we should not blame “the homosexual agenda” for whatever societal failures exist in our school systems.

Instead, we should view ourselves as salt and light, and work as a catalyst for change in this dark world. Light is greater than darkness, just as the sword of the Gospel is sharper than that of the world. Evangelicals should, therefore, strive to teach their children the word of God, and trust the Gospel will lead them in the right direction.

The greatest prophets and strongest Christians were raised in harsh, secular environments -- including the public schools. And though we should not intentionally endanger our children, we should not collectively run from the darkness of the world. It’s time we take back the culture for Christ by engaging in it. We must act as salt and light and teach our children to do the same. If not, the society will fall further away from God and evangelicals will lose all relevance in the world we were called to reach.