Campus Harvest Asia Gathered Delegates from Over Ten Nations

More than 2,300 students from across 10 nations converged in Manila, Philippines for this year's Campus Harvest Asia conference.

According to organizers of the May 25-27 event, there is a "packed crowd at this year's conference."

Campus Harvest Asia is a gathering of high school and college students from all over Asia and the West who will be equipped and encouraged and ultimately, sent out on world missions.

"Many young people rededicate their lives to God during this time, or hear the call to go into full-time ministry. Either way, they go home changed," Christine Kline Corporate Correspondent for Every Nation Campus Ministries (formerly Victory Campus Ministries) told The Christian Post.

The three-day conference host times for prayer, worship, teaching, and fellowship.

However, according to Kline, the conference offers much more to the paritipants.

"It is also a time of encouragement and fellowship," said Kline. "As young people from a variety of backgrounds come together to worship God."

Students at the conference includes those who traveled from China, Philippines, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, South Africa, New Zealand, Myanmar, Vietnam and the USA.