Campus Ministry Postpones ''Mercy For ALL'' AIDS Conference

Because of the tsunami devastation, the International HIV/AIDS Conference hosted by YWAM International, “Mercy for ALL” that was to be held in Uganda over Easter weekend has had to be postponed until 2006, due to lack of donor support to Africa and Asia. The conference sought to decrease the cost of HIV/AIDS drugs by bringing in European pharmaceuticals.

YWAM Uganda has developed "effective models" for the past 15 years that occur in almost 80 villages called “Living Positively with HIV/AIDS," a community/village/ based workshop that practically supports people affected by HIV/AIDS, stated YWAM Relief and Development International Director, Stephen Goode.

"Uganda has seen a turn around in those affected by HIV/AIDS. The government of Uganda is seen as a model for impact upon those affected by HIV/AIDS," states Mercy For All's press release.

"However, these 80+ villages have very little drug/medication (ARV) support as it is too expensive."

They had hoped that European pharmaceutical representation at this conference would have allowed them access to some generic drugs.

YWAM will continue to "be in discussions" with the pharmaceutical industry.

In any case, an AIDS Workshop will be held in Uganda despite the donor support. The workshop will be held for 6 groups in 18 villages and will focus on training, public education, prevention, health messages for both Ugandan radio and TV for students.