Casting Crowns Lifesong Tour Leads 4,000 to Christ, Keeps God as Center

Casting Crowns stopped at Prairie Capital Convention Center in Springfield, Ill., Thursday night with the intent to create an environment of worship for many seeking new life.

The Lifesong Tour, featuring speaker Tony Nolan and fellow musicians Building 429, has led over 4,000 people to Christ in the first 20 stops of its 38-city tour. The tour began Sept. 29 and ends Dec. 4.

When lead singer Mark Hall was asked why so many new Christians have been born on the Casting Crown’s Lifesong tour, he said that “they just need the right atmosphere, and the right place.”

With its focus on worship first and music second, Casting Crowns brings the strength born in prayer and service on stage with them. Although the music is Pop-Rock, the lyrics are very much Christ-centered.

In spite of the band’s present fame, Hall has kept the focus away from himself. In an interview with Christian Music Today, Hall said, “If we get ahead of [God] on this thing, it'll all be gone.”

Refusing to hear the industry numbers about the band, Hall has kept clear vision. He does not pay attention to their spot on the charts and avoids all the things that success can bring (and take) of self confidence. Hall believes that the band could fail anytime, and would be content with that and ready to find the next part of God’s plan for his life. He has God in the number one spot and then the music after that. This attitude is reflected in the music and the atmosphere of a Casting Crowns concert. And with this attitude, Casting Crowns is finding real-world success.

In spite of his national success and busy touring schedule, Hall has made the teens at his Alabama church the center of his service. His focus is still on the young people that he ministers to; every Wednesday night he is at his home church for youth group. Hall has been serving as a youth pastor for 12 years.

Hall does not count on the band staying in the big scene long, and is willing to return solely to youth ministry whenever God calls him back to it. He wants to keep his concentration on ministering to the people with messages that are true, not letting the desire to release records interfere with his real ambition of mentoring youth.

In the meantime, Hall will be in St. Charles, Mo., on Friday for the tour and Birmingham, Ala., on Saturday. Next week, the tour will stop by Jackson, Miss., and Valdasta, Ga.

Casting Crowns has been nominated for the Favorite Artist Award in the Contemporary Inspirational category by the American Music Awards. The winner will be announced Nov. 22 during a three-hour special on ABC Television.