Children's Ministries Agency to Launch New Outreach Program

The National Children's Ministries Agency will soon launch a character-based school assembly program called Character Connex. Character Connex is a program designed for children's leaders to use for building relationships with their local public schools.

Using the latest technology and methods to design this outreach program, National children’s Ministries Agency hopes that it will allow any church to take an impacting and high-quality program to their schools. The Character Connex kit consists of scripts, props, training DVD's, background DVD's, a background banner, and sound effects.

“Character Connex will be a cutting-edge and effective school assembly program,” says Jason Noble, of the National Children's Ministries Agency. “Churches will be proud to use it.
Because of Character Connex, we believe invaluable relationships will be built between public schools and the local church.”

The first training will take place February 2, 2005 , in Branson , Mo , at the Tri-Lakes Center. CMA will also be scheduling regional trainings around the country in the years to come. For more information, please call CMA at (417) 862-2781, ext. 4089.