Chris Tomlin Reveals 'The Way I Was Made'

Worship leader Chris Tomlin debuted his first book "The Way I Was Made" to address a college-age audience on the journey of faith.

"Not only is Tomlin a gifted songwriter, but he also is quite the storyteller," stated a review in Christian Retailer magazine. "Illustrating spiritual lessons, Tomlin weaves in potent stories, including one of his bouts with mononucleosis that led to learning to play a drugstore guitar another of a fellow songwriter who signed over his royalty payments to assist widows and orphans and yet another of a friend who bought pricey cigarettes for low-income waitresses to show them that God cared about them just the way they were."

The purpose of Tomlin's book is "to get you to think of yourself as one of god's fame builders. You and I are formed from the dust of His creation and given breath for this reason: to spread His renown to everyone we meet by what we say and do. It's the way we were made," said a promotional statement.

As the book reveals the renowned worship leader's life of finding his calling, he exhorts his readers to listen to God's leading in their own lives.