Christian Bible Society Sets Sights on Iraq

A Bible Society is in the process of being set up in the heart of Baghdad, Iraq, where violence and bloody conflict continue to form a part of daily life.

In just over a year a task force engaged in the project has set up office in the capital and are midway through the process of registering the Bible Society as a non-profit organisation.

And although the Society has not yet begun its work in the war-torn country, Christian events are already in the pipeline, such as the “Year of the Bible”, a series of Bible seminars and workshops for Christians and church leaders.

An event for Iraqi children has also been planned called “Just for Kids”, which was last held in Iraq in 2003.

A report by United Bible Societies, a Reading-based Christian society, said that sporadic explosions continue to be a daily occurrence in life in Baghdad, with Churches, Christian organisations and individuals being among the primary targets.

The UBS has, despite these difficulties, managed to successfully start up its Bible Society office under the leadership of Nabil Omeish, formerly of the Bible Society in Jordan.

Thousands of Arabic pocket Bibles, illustrated Bibles and New Testaments have been distributed by the UBS in conjunction with World Compassion, Christian Freedom International, World Evangelical Alliance and Campus Crusade for Christ. Some 150,000 Scriptures were handed out between Christmas last year and the new year.

Only around 5 percent of the 24 million inhabitants of Iraq are Christian, with the remainder of the population Muslim.