Christian Crossover Band Mistakenly Arrives at Canceled Show

One of this year's top Christian crossover bands was caught off guard this past Sunday when they arrived for a concert and were later told that they could not perform at it.

The Afters, a popular Texas-based Christian rock band, was told by officials in Springfield, Mo., about 170 miles south of Kansas City, that their performance had not been issued a permit from the city for the venue, and that they would have to cancel their show.

"'April fools,' you say. We wish," explained the band in their blog. "It really happened!"

The mix-up is odd, but it happens from time to time, even with prominent bands.

The group has apologized for the confusion, and has promised to return to the city immediately.

"So, to our fans that were coming out, first we say we are very sorry!" added the rock group. "And second, we have rescheduled for this Wednesday the 4th at a different venue."

The show will now be played at South Gate Baptist Church. The band will still be playing alongside their current tour mates, Mainstay and Our Hearts Hero. They will also have the Justin Long Band as a guest.

The Afters have had a successful year with their major label debut album, I Wish We All Could Win, which was released in the winter of 2005, especially with their top single "Beautiful Love." The song was announced as the top downloaded tune on the inspirational chart for 2006, according to the Nielson Soundscan.

The band is credited with much of its success since it crossed over into mainstream media, chiefly with "Beautiful Love" being featured as the theme song for MTV's reality show, 8th and Ocean.

A second major label album is set to come out in either the summer or fall of 2007 with no confirmed release date. The band has shown excitement for their upcoming record.

"The songs are some of the best we've ever written," shared Havens with Christian Broadcasting Network. "We're working hard on the new music and taking our time to get it perfect for our fans. We're committed to making the very best album that we can, and I think it will be worth the wait."