Churches Observe International Day of Prayer for Peace of Jerusalem

Over 100,000 churches in 82 nations observed the first Sunday of October as the International Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem.

Sponsored by the New York-based Eagles Wings ministry, the event has received endorsements from the Assemblies of God and global Christian leaders such as Dr. Jack Hayford, president of Foursquare Denomination.

"The Old Testament scripture is clear," said Director of Development Joel James. "God will reestablish His people again. In 1948, that miracle process began, and Israel became a nation against unprecedented circumstance. It's the greatest prophetic sign in modern times. It teaches us that God isn't finished with the Jewish people. They weren't somehow discarded by God in his salvation process, but all of his salvation history is in the Jews."

The first observance of the international day of prayer was marked last year by a special celebration in Jerusalem. This year, the event was held in approximately 100,000 churches in 82 nations, according to Vanessa Coenraad, public relations director of Eagles' Wings. In the United States, six cities had representation from Israeli consulate: Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.

Meanwhile, over 600 calls came in from 12 countries and 42 states during a prayer teleconference call, provided by the Greater Calling ministry. Greater Calling, a ministry of Harvest Prayer Ministries, recently joined people from around the United States to pray for victims of Hurricane Katrina. This Sunday's prayer conference, which began at 6 a.m. EST and lasted through 1 a.m. EST, included different countries and different topics leading each hour.

In preparation for the event, a special 24-Hour Worship & Prayer occurred simultaneously in New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles from Friday, Sept. 30 through Saturday, Oct. 1. Another was also scheduled to take place on Oct. 2. According to Eagles’ Wings, the three strategic cities span the nation for a unified 24-hour watch for Jerusalem's peace.

Final numbers are coming in for a special public celebration that was held at Missionswerk in Karlsruhe, one of the largest Charismatic congregations in Germany. Robert Stearns, founder of the day of prayer, led the gathering together with Pastor Mueller of Missionswerk. Guests from around the world included the Ambassador of Israel, members of the Knesset, governmental representatives from Germany, and Christian leaders.

The event has been endorsed by the Assemblies of God, the world's largest Pentecostal Protestant Christian denomination.

"The Assemblies of God is recognized as a Movement grounded in prayer," stated General Superintendent Thomas E. Trask. "For there to be peace in Jerusalem, God must intervene - prayer can move the hand of God."

The goal is for a sustained global prayer movement on Jerusalem's behalf.