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September 22, 2016|12:54 am

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The official release of the much anticipated 4X video game, "Civilization 6", is just a month away. However, the hype generated by its developer, publisher, and fans continue to excite everyone awaiting its official release. With this, "Civilization 6" just revealed Rome and its well-known leader—Trajan.

Rome and Trajan

Firaxis and 2K Games, the developer and publisher of the "Civilization" franchise, respectively, has had the tradition of slowly revealing the game's civs and their leaders one at a time. This seemingly teases the fans of the "Civilization 6" as every new reveal brings up excitement, especially when the distinguished and well-known Trajan will be heading the Rome civ.

In the actual world history, Trajan is known to be one of the only five good emperors of Rome. He was one of the chosen few to inherit their predecessors' thrones through merit, instead of having dynastic ties. He was responsible for expanding the Roman territory and implementing a great number of public work projects as well as social welfare policies.

Trajan was known to be one of the best leaders that the world has seen. Rome loved him so much that some structures in the area were even named after him.

All Roads Lead to Rome, the Legion, the Baths, and Trajan's Column

Both the entire Rome civ and Trajan himself carry special abilities, as is the case with all "Civilization 6" civs and leaders. The unique ability of Rome, wittingly called "All Roads Lead to Rome", will allow every city to start with a trading post. If these are in range of a trade route, then the cities will save builder time and effort by automatically connecting to them.

Rome is no doubt famous for its powerful military body back in its glory days. That is why it is no surprise that Rome's special soldier unit for "Civilization 6" is the Legion. Also, being history as its witness, the Legion will also be able to build forts and roads to support the expansion of the Empire.

Gamers of "Civilization 6" who will choose the Rome civ will also be able to build the Baths. This would be a replacement for the aqueduct which will provide more amenities and more housing for the entire civ. Incidentally though, "Civilization 6" might have overlooked the fact that the generic aqueducts were also actually invented by the Romans.

As mentioned earlier, Trajan was such a good leader that the Romans titled their structures after his name. These include the iconic Trajan's Column, which, in "Civilization 6", is the leader's special ability. This ability endows one free building upon the construction of newly-built cities.


The "Civilization 6" will officially launch on the 21st of October. It will be available for personal computers running Windows, OS X, and Linux.

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