Conservative Groups Launch Ex-Gay Awareness Campaign for Youth

Correction appended

Two conservative Christian organizations on Wednesday launched the “Change is Possible Campaign” – a national effort to spread an alternative to the widely publicized view that some people are born gay.

The campaign is a joint project by Liberty Counsel, a conservative public interest law firm that argued in some of the nation’s largest gay marriage-related court cases, and the Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays ministry (PFOX), an organization providing outreach, education, and public awareness in support of the ex-gay community. It is aimed mostly at influencing middle and high-school aged youth.

Students will be asked to distribute literature and put up posters with the message that ex-gays exist, according to Liberty Counsel.

“We also encourage them to start Gay to Straight Clubs, and ask that the ex-gay viewpoint be included in all diversity day presentations that discuss homosexuality,” a statement from the law firm stated.

“We are confident that this project will help root out intolerance that exists under the guise of tolerance and diversity. There is an ongoing battle over the hearts and minds of our youth. We have an obligation to protect them from the harmful message that people are ‘born gay’ and cannot choose to change,” said Matthew Staver, President of Liberty Counsel.

The campaign is not the first aimed at teaching youth that homosexuality is a choice that can be changed. Last year, thousands of Christian high school students took part in a “Day of Truth” that advocated a similar message. The Day of Truth has become an annual event scheduled one day after the “Day of Silence” by the Lesbian, Gay, bi-sexual and transsexual community. This year’s Day of Truth is scheduled for Apr. 27.

Regina Griggs, Executive Director of PFOX, hopes that such efforts can help “confused adolescents” see the truth behind the cultural promotion that homosexuality is unchangeable.

“Far too many confused adolescents experience unwanted same-sex attractions and are told that they must adopt a gay identity," said Griggs. "This program will provide them hope, support, and the facts to achieve their goal of overcoming unwanted same-sex attractions because change is possible. Students will also learn to respect others who have chosen to not adopt a gay identity."

Correction: Thursday, April 13, 2006:

An article on Thursday, Apr. 13, 2006, about a national effort to spread an alternative to the widely publicized view that some people are born gay incorrectly reported that this year’s annual "Day of Truth" was scheduled for Apr. 26, 2006. The campaign was actually scheduled for Apr. 27, 2006.