Controlling Your Pain

Pain is one of the most difficult things to deal with for both patients and doctors. The ultimate way to control pain is to get at the root cause of it and eliminate the problem, but that is not always possible, especially for chronic pain.

One of the most common areas in the body that people experience pain is in the back; more than 65 million Americans report back pain. Headaches are a close second, and arthritic pain (of the knees, hips, etc) is another.

What we need to do is aim our treatment at getting rid of the pain. One key thing to remember is that inflammation often triggers pain, and reducing inflammation, in turn, reduces pain. There are several natural things to try before turning to high-dose prescription medications that can be habit-forming and have numerous side effects.

We have done research on the most common natural ingredients that have been used against pain and combined then into a formulation called Duramet, which may be able to help you with your pain management. The ingredients we used are those that appear again and again in the medical journals, including:

Bromelain is an analgesic (pain-reliever) and anti-inflammatory derived from the pineapple plant. Specifically, is has been studied on patients with acute knee and lower back problems and has been proven to be very effective in lowering their pain scores.

Cat's claw is an herb shown to be a potent anti-inflammatory. Studies on those with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis has shown cat's claw to be very effective.

Ginger, used for thousands of years, is considered a "wonder herb" because it affects so many areas of the body. It is also an anti-inflammatory, and has been shown to reduce musculoskeletal pain. A study at the VA hospital in Miami found ginger to be effective in curbing knee pain associated with osteoarthritis.

Boswellia, or frankincense, is an extract with strong Biblical ties. An anti-inflammatory agent, it is a better painkiller than NSAIDS and aspirin, without the side effects. It has been used to decrease the pain of athletic injuries, and has allowed people with knee pain to walk further distances.

Oxygene is taken from the flowering part of the hops plant. It has been used as an inflammatory to decrease pain.

So if you're dealing with pain day in and day out, start with something simple and natural. These are the best natural ingredients available to deal with pain, all brought together in my Duramet formula.

Pray about using this particular formulation, because a lot of research has gone into it. It may be a strong, strong pathway for you to achieve a pain-free body as God wants you to, and become your pathway to healing.