Court Reverses Conviction Against Pro-lifer

Pro-lifers won “a small but significant victory” on Friday when a district court reversed the conviction of a man charged with criminal trespass for handing out pro-life literature outside an abortion clinic.

While passing out information to women outside the Cincinnati Women’s Services abortion clinic, Joseph Logsdon went to retrieve a sign from clinic property and was subsequently arrested and charged for criminal trespass and disorderly conduct.

Nearly two years later, the First Appellate District of Ohio overturned the conviction of Logsdon, stating in the court opinion that “the incident should have ended [two years ago], but of course it did not.”

Referring to the fact that Logsdon was on the clinic property for less than 90 seconds while retrieving the sign, the court opinion commented, “Ninety seconds begets two charges, a trial, and an appeal.”

“The whole matter was blown way out of proportion,” said the court, “but that is the reality given the strong feelings on both sides.”

Attorney Tom Condit, who represented Logsdon in the case, hailed the court decision as “a small but significant victory.”

Condit was supported by the Life Legal Defense Foundation. Life Legal Defense Foundation’s Executive Director Dana Cody applauded the outcome of the case.

“While we recognize the strong feelings on both sides of the abortion debate, one has to wonder why the authorities went to such lengths to prosecute Mr. Logsdon,” said Cody.

“Though it appears that law enforcement couldn’t remain objective, the court certainly did.”