Critical Hour for Zimbabwe's Starving Children

Campus Crusade for Christ International staff leader in Zimbabwe reports:

"At this present moment 5.1 million people are on the verge of facing serious starvation in Zimbabwe. There is no food. The shops are empty. The supermarkets don't have anything. The exchange rate currently is $1 US = 100 trillion Zimbabwe dollars..."

The desperate country's skyrocketing inflation rate means that even if food were available, it would be unaffordable.

Just 10 cents will save a child's life.

More than 1 in 3 boys and girls in Zimbabwe today face starvation. On their behalf, Campus Crusade for Christ International has procured hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of a highly nutritious rice mixture from American partners.

With the donated food packaged, crated and ready to go, all that's left is to raise the shipping and distributing costs. The organization is hoping that enough caring Christians will step up to help meet the need. Any amount you send will help ship life-saving meals at just 10 cents apiece.

Pennies will meet even more urgent needs.

With their government chaotic, violence rampant and money now meaningless, the people are hungering for even more than something to eat.

Desperately suffering hunger, thirst, disease and fear, millions of Zimbabwe's families urgently need the hope found only in Christ.

By providing these shipments of not only food but also medicine and other vital supplies, doors are opened to share the Gospel.

To ensure that food gets to the people who need it most, the distribution of aid will be led by local Campus Crusade for Christ staff who understand Zimbabwe's culture and know their greatest needs.

People of Zimbabwe seek solution to turmoil.

The situation is desperate. But there is still hope.

"There is more hunger for the Lord," Campus Crusade's staff leader explains. "The people are looking for a solution." He explains that by offering concrete solutions to crisis in the form of lifesaving aid, people feel the love of Christ and want to know more about the Source of their help.

Because this food and other vital supplies are donated, every $10 people send will help ship $100 in lifesaving food and emergency supplies. But even more important, this aid will serve as an important inroad for the Gospel during a spiritually critical time for the church in Zimbabwe.

The fragile future of this once-prosperous land is in God's hands. With prayer and Christians' support, Campus Crusade partners believe Zimbabwe could turn around -- becoming a lighthouse of faith for all of Africa.