Crown financial ministry held Pastors Training in New Delhi

NEW DELHI : Over 800 Pastors, Evangelists and potential workers in the Vineyard attended a day-long Seminar at the Ashoka Hotel, Chanakyapuri here today.

Crown financial ministry held Pastors Training in

The Seminar was hosted by Crown Financial Ministry, who aimed to teach God's financial principles to 300 million people to help fund and fulfill the Great Commission.

A daylong seminar was aimed at equipping, encouraging and empowering the attendees with God's Financial Principles in a systematic, effective and productive way of sermons, evangelism and management.

In this seminar, the attendees were intensively taught how to handle and manage finance in the way of God. It gave insight to practical ways of dealing money in particular. With many wonderful tools provided by Crown financial in the form of video, paper presents, sermons, etc the seminar was very helpful to the pastors.

Speakers at the seminar are J. David Rae, President of Crown Financial, Former VP Apple Computers-worldwide