By Tania Gutierrez , CP Contributor
September 23, 2016|3:45 am

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It seems there is no let-up on the trouble for "Dance Moms" Season 7. This time, the Abby Lee Dance Company will get a lot smaller because the Mini Team was kicked out of the show. This was confirmed by Abby herself via an Instagram post.

Anger and frustration

Since this took place in the "Dance Moms" Season 7 filming, it may be safe to presume that they will not be part of the new season, granting that the series itself will not be cancelled. The sixth season of "Dance Moms" is currently being aired on Lifetime.

Miller very recently took to Instagram to vent out her anger and frustration of having the minis being kicked out of "Dance Moms" Season 7 by the producers. She said she was sick over the development since the minis are talented aside from being respectful, dedicated and hardworking kids. Miller added in the caption that she had hoped that the fans would have loved them the same way they did the bunch of girls she introduced in the show five years ago.

Needing the Mini Team to be a success

Reports say that in the second half of the sixth season of "Dance Moms", Miller can be seen doing her best to prepare the Mini Team to be a success. Others say that she is doing this in the hope that she will find among them the same success as her older dancers like Maddie Ziegler did.

All the success that she may have gotten with the Mini Team in the current season will all be for nothing however if the minis will no longer be in "Dance Moms" Season 7. Miller will also have to go back to the drawing board to find another way of rejuvenating the show that is desperately needing to be saved.

Miller's court cases

Others have been speculating that the Mini Team's departure from the show could be an indication that the dance reality series is facing cancellation. According to reports, Miller has pleaded guilty to bankruptcy fraud, failure to declare income derived from some of her projects and failing to report Australian dollars she brought into the United States worth over $10,000.00. If she doesn't get a favorable outcome on these cases, she might be facing jail time that will run smack right into"Dance Moms" Season 7 schedule.

All of these certainly do not bode well for the future of "Dance Moms" Season 7 and only a few people might be surprised if the series will end up getting cancelled altogether. The sixth season of "Dance Moms" is being aired Tuesdays on Lifetime.