DJ Andy Hunter Announces New Fan-Based Promotion Network

Innovative British DJ andy hunter, whose music has been featured on films, television shows and video games such as Alias, The Italian Job, SSX 3, and Enter the Matrix, has announced the launch of the MIDI signal – an online fan-based network designed to raise awareness for Andy’s music.

“We’re searching for people who are passionate about the music and dedicated to impacting a culture that live for the weekends and the next party,” said andy in a personal message about the new network.

As stated by Hunter himself, members of the MIDI signal will receive, “music, stickers, flyers, swag, and all sorts of things with logos on them to let people know about how much you love ‘Life,’” with ‘Life’ being andy's new project set to release on May 24th. Members of the MIDI signal will also be asked to volunteer for “strategically designed” projects to raise awareness on a grassroots level.

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