Dr. Cherry's Guidelines for HOW to Take Vitamins

While much of the information on this site is about what various nutrients and products can do for your health, this article focuses on how you should take those supplements for maximum absorption, safety and convenience.

1. "Sandwich" supplements into your meals.
• Your nutritional program may, and should, include a morning and evening packet, or A.M and P.M. dose. Some ingredients may interfere with the absorption of others, so separating them out maximizes their absorption.
• It is usually easiest to take them at mealtimes. It can be hard on your stomach to take a handful of pills with just water. You may actually want to eat a small amount of food, take a supplement, eat a little more, take another, continuing until you have taken them all. This aids in the absorption, and should eliminate any nausea or aftertaste, and even the "vitamin burps" associated with taking marine oil capsules.
• Try taking your supplements with Concord grape juice. In addition to its bioflavonoids and other benefits, the tartness of this juice seems to cut the "vitamin taste."
• If none of these options work for you, you may try grinding up the supplements in a blender and drinking them in a fruit smoothie. While labor intensive, it may be the best way for those who have trouble swallowing pills to get their nutritional supplements regularly.

2. More is not always better.
• While more of some things can be helpful, too much of many things can be harmful in the long run. Vitamins, minerals, extracts and the various compounds in supplements can have a potent effect within the body, as medications do, so taking too much of individual ingredients for long periods can have negative side effects.
• The idea is to maintain a safe and beneficial level of these nutrients in our bloodstream over time.

3. Read the label and follow directions.
• Read the labels to see what is in your product's tablets or capsules, especially if you are taking more than one multivitamin/mineral or other supplement. If you are on a daily basic nutrient program as well as add-on supplements for specific health concerns, it is best if they are part of the same product line, and formulated to be taken together.
• Also, follow directions on how to take each supplement to optimize absorption and avoid unpleasant side effects.

4. Address the natural and the supernatural.
• Combine your daily nutritional support with daily spiritual support and sound medical advice specific to your needs. God knows your needs and the best way for you to receive your healing and maintain your health. Hang onto the hopes of His promises and He will show you His plan for healthy living that is designed especially for you.