EPA Convention Closes With Message from Anne Graham Lotz

CHICAGO, IL - The Evangelical Press Association's (EPA) 55th annual convention in Chicago ended Wednesday.

Beginning on Sunday, the convention saw a host of speakers, special guest artists, workshops, an awards ceremony, and the media flurry made by the 375 attendees.

With attendance up 10 percent from the previous year, Executive Director, Doug Trouten indicated his belief that the convention achieved its purpose.

"The feedback I've received from our members suggests that this was a successful conference," Trouten told the Post. "I've heard from quite a few first-time attendees who were surprised at how useful the convention was. That's very gratifying. We want to exceed people's expectations each year."

The convention's purpose is to educate and inspire the leaders of Christian media and others, who can then go on to do the same for the Christian public.

"We try to do a lot of things during an EPA convention," said Trouten. "We want to equip our members for the important work that they do, inspire them to do even better work in service of God's kingdom, and give them a time of spiritual refreshment that recharges their batteries for another year."

This year, the members of EPA elected three new board members, including the new President-elect, Lamar Keener of the Christian Examiner, Treasurer Gary Marsh from BGC World, and Advisor Tim Walker from YouthWalk.

The final day's events included a banquet, at which Anne Graham Lotz, internationally renowned preacher, delivered the message of particular relevance to those working in Christian media.

Calling the Christian media, "messengers," Graham Lotz - in a fashion similar to her father, the Rev. Billy Graham - challenged the crowd to maintain their focus, passion, and faith by placing worship of God before work, even when it comes to working for Him.

"Just devotions in the morning and church on Sunday is not enough," Graham Lotz said.

"Spend time with the Lord. I think it's harder to be still than to be busy. When was the last time you did that?" she challenged.

Asking the Christian crowd to go back to the basics of prayer, Bible reading, and fasting, she said, "If we just take the time to pray and fast, the Spirit may lead your differently and so much wiser."

In addition to Graham Lotz's message, the pop duo known as Shane & Shane, sang worship songs to Scriptures.

Next year's convention will be held in Orlando, Fl.