Evangelical Leaders Plan Prayer Service for Inauguration Day

The National Clergy Council, Faith and Action and Priests for Life will host a special prayer service on January 20, 2005, to mark the beginning of President George W. Bush’s second term.

According to a Dec. 29 release by the National Clergy Council, some 50 pro-life and pro-family church leaders from Catholic, Evangelical, Orthodox and Protestant traditions are expected to join the prayer service.

“Guests will offer prayers of thanksgiving for the election outcome and intercession for Mr. Bush and members of his administration as they lead the country during the next four years,” the National Clergy Council noted. “Special emphasis will be placed on asking God to give wisdom to Mr. Bush as he selects replacements to serve on the Supreme Court, located immediately across the street.”

In addition to the prayer service, the ordained and lay church leaders “who played key roles in mobilizing their constituencies to turn out an unprecedented pro-life and pro-traditional marriage vote on Election Day” will watch the swearing in of George W. Bush to a second term and the Inaugural Parade along Constitution and Pennsylvania Avenues.

Attendees will also receive autographed copies of “Man of Faith,” a biography of George Bush by evangelical author David Aikman.