Evangelists to Share Innovative Techniques at Conference

Multiplying the impact of evangelists throughout the world, Luis Palau and his team will be presenting the Innovative Evangelism Conference this fall where they will disclose evangelism techniques that have helped them reach over 21 million people.

Palau has expanded the reach of the gospel beyond his own evangelism team with the Next Generation Alliance, now grown to over 150 evangelists and ministries. The alliance will host a conference October 24-27 in Portland, Ore., to equip a new generation of gospel-spreading believers.

"In over four decades of evangelism, we've never seen so many opportunities for outreach and such a hunger for Christ's message of forgiveness and salvation," said Palau, according to the Luis Palau Association. "This conference is offered to those who have chosen evangelism as their life's work – who know that there is no greater purpose than to share the Good News."

Palau has reached millions in 70 countries and while his festivals bring tens of thousands to Christ each time, as one evangelist, he saw his limit to reach the world.

"One evangelist can only reach so far," he said in a statement. His 8-year-old Next Generation Alliance serves to multiply the efforts of the many evangelists holding the same life purpose. Such evangelists as Mike Silva, Scott Dawson, Steve Wingfield, and Paul Anderson have partnered with the Palau team to receive training and resource help and extend the impact of evangelists worldwide.

The upcoming conference will feature evangelists, authors and creators of cutting-edge outreach tools in a series of workshops and sessions that will teach attendants contemporary methods to reaching people with the gospel.

"We're committed to raising up a new generation of godly leaders," said NGA Director Dr. Tim Robnett. "The Innovative Evangelism Conference is a tremendous opportunity for training, networking, inspiring and renewing our commitment to the Great Commission."

Through the NGA, more than 11 million people have been reached with the gospel and more than 500,000 people have made public commitments to Jesus Christ since 1998.