Ex-Gay Ministry Leader to Discuss Homosexual Conversion on Montel Williams Show

The president of Exodus International, a Christian organization that uses reparative therapy to attempt to change the sexual orientation of homosexuals, will be speaking among a panel on the Montel Williams show.

The program, which will be filmed Wednesday and broadcasted sometime next week, will feature Alan Chambers, an ex-gay, as well as others about homosexuality and the option of change.

The subject matter has received much attention more recently following statements from former National Association of Evangelical (NAE) head Ted Haggard affirming that he was “completely heterosexual.” Haggard had resigned after a former male prostitute alleged the pastor paid him for sex and methamphetamines for three years.

Many non-Christians argue that gays do not just become heterosexual. They say that attempts at eliminating gay tendencies are harmful to individuals and simply not effective.

However, Christians, including groups such as Exodus International, testify that there is possibility for change. Having same-sex attractions is not something unalterable.

"People are already heterosexual - physiologically, anatomically and biologically," Tim Wilkins, a former homosexual, explained to The Christian Post. "My point being that same-sex attraction is a temptation. We are not exempt from temptation in this life."

Because homosexuality is only a temptation, not an orientation, Christians argue that gays can change with the help of Jesus.

According to their website, Exodus International’s mission is to “mobilize the body of Christ to minister grace and truth to a world impacted by homosexuality,” and that “faith alone in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord frees us from the mastery of sin.”

Other guests on the Montel Williams show include former homosexuals Tom and Donna Cole, who also work with ministry to help Christians struggling with sexual and relational issues.

A list of the week’s Montel episodes is viewable at the Montel website.