Finding God's Purpose

Judges 6, 7, 8

Did you ever ask yourself, "What is it, exactly, that God wants me to do?" Have you ever questioned the Lord about His plan and purpose for your life? Did you get an answer? If not, perhaps you're like most folks, expecting the Lord to jump out and confront you on your own personal "road to Damascus" - giving you a personal consultation. a blinding vision. an overwhelming experience. telling you directly and in succinct detail what He wants from your life. Now, that would be very exciting and definitely something to tell your grandkids about - but it's generally not the way the Lord works.

Take Gideon, for example. Was Gideon rushing around looking for God's purpose for his life? Was he sitting back on his haunches, waiting for God to appear to him and tell him what to do? No. Gideon was very busy, tackling the challenge of the moment - trying to grow and prepare food for his family while keeping it hidden from the Midianites. He was taking care of the business at hand, doing what he was supposed to do, totally immersed in his work - and then God showed this brave, resourceful young man what his purpose was.

Gideon isn't the only example of this. Look at Ruth. She was sticking by her commitment to her mother-in-law, making sure that Naomi had food to eat. Then God introduced Ruth to Boaz, and she became one of the ancestors of Jesus!

Now, consider the twelve apostles. Each of them was going about his daily business when Jesus called him. Paul was on the road to Damascus, heading out to persecute some more Christians, when Jesus stopped him. Peter was fishing. The list is quite long. But each of these people had one thing in common. Each of them was taking care of the challenge of the moment - not rushing wildly about looking for God's purpose and not sitting back idly waiting for God to make a personal appearance. Just when they were at their busiest, God gave them the direction they sought.

Sometimes we have a tendency to over-analyze what God's purpose for us might be. Or we get so busy looking for our purpose, we miss it altogether and louse up the job we're supposed to be doing in the process. Or we sit down and do nothing, almost daring God to tell us what to do. All the while, what God wants you to do is take care of the challenge of the moment. Deal with the situation at hand. Do what you're doing. Use the gifts and talents and abilities God gave you. And use them for His glory. When it's time, you will know what it is you are to do for Him. And you will see how - all along - God was preparing you for the challenge, molding you into the person He knew you could be.

Used with Permission